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Anne Marie Evers has worked in the personal growth field for the past thirty years, teaching the power of affirmations, creative visualization, reflexology, meditation and yoga. Anne Marie is the author of "Affirmations; your passport to happiness". More ->
The Diamond Heart Foundation of Canada supports spiritually-based holistic healing initiatives, values community partnerships, bridges between conventional & holistic approaches health & acts in a socially responsible manner, ensuring a culture of fairness, dignity, & accountability. More -> Ear To The Ground Management Corp. Putting people and projects together ... "Wisdom from the ground up". More ->

The WarriorSage Initiations are events, which are rites of passage for your Total Self to emerge powerfully and gracefully. They are full of experiences that transform Weakness into Strength. Fear into Confidence. Struggle into Ease. Judgement into Love. More ->


Halina Kacicki Healer, counselor, intuitive & founder of Angels of Mary - an open-hearted organization that helps those in need. Website:   Steven Halpern ~ Inner Peace Music -- Steven Halpern - the preeminent composer / recording artist of music that relaxes the body, opens the heart, and soothes the soul . Steven's music has touched the lives of millions, and is used in homes, yoga and massage centers, hospices and innovative business offices worldwide. Website >  
THE WONDERS channeled through Rene Gaudette with the assistance of his wife Maggie. The Wonders have made regular appearances on News for the Soul since early 2oo4.
Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, NBA player Michael Dickerson played with the Memphis Grizzlies (formerly the Vancouver Grizzlies) up until his retirement in late 2004.       Read our story ->
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