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FROM MAINSTREAM PRINT NEWS TO A WORLD OF NEW ALTERNATIVES ... Radio producer and host Nicole Whitney is a true explorer in her own life as well as on the air, perpetually investigating the ‘reality’ of our world.

Journalist, artist, musician, vocalist, writer and single mom Nicole Whitney was inspired to create a more empowering form of media service in January 1998, after the growing concern of many over the amount of negativity in mainstream news. News for the Soul - life changing talk radio from the uplifting to the unexplained - is now heard on U.S. radio stations and on the world wide web weekly.

In it’s early beginnings NFTS was a positive news newspaper which grew rapidly, evolving into various formats over the years. But when 9-11 happened, Nicole stepped fully into the world of live talk radio shows as well as “webcasting” on the internet and has not looked back ever since.

And NFTS’s popularity skyrocketed, now receiving 100s of 1000s of visitors from 93 countries around the world online at every month!

Originally airing on CFUN in BC, NFTS has been a journey more than a career for Nicole who has partaken in extensive personal development & consciousness study since 1998 including all levels at Remote Viewing Technologies with former CIA Remote Viewer Dr David Morehouse), extensive training with Peak Potentials in Vancouver including four years at Success Tracks Training, Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, Enlightened Wizard Training Camp and much more.

When not on the air & talking to well known guests like Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde and NFTS guest co-host best selling author Dannion Brinkley, Nicole is usually spending time with her two children or painting, singing soul gospel with “The VOC”, conducting paranormal investigations, playing guitar, writing, walking on fire, or embarking on some new adventure out there …

FROM CNN, THE BBC AND MAINSTREAM NEWS TO ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS FOR THE SOUL ....Following a powerful experience in his early teens, involving the healing of a young boy paralyzed with a brain tumor, Peter Williams has always been driven to seek the truth. He grew up in South Africa during the final years of the apartheid era. The state control of the media and the education system during his formative years, caused him much confusion during his later travels. This instilled in him a questioning of the power that media exerts. In what he describes as 'his adult education', Peter left South Africa to begin his travels to Europe in 1992.

Already experienced in working for broadcast companies in Africa, Peter set up base in London. Freelancing first for BBC and Reuters television, Peter later took on full time employment with CNN International in London. There he worked for a decade, encountering a gamut of of rich and insightful experiences traveling worldwide as a lighting cameraman and editor. Learning to trust his instincts and always finding new ways to negotiate and try to draw out the best in the people that he filmed, Peter discovered the deep thread of commonality that unites us all.

From the streets of Belfast in Northern Ireland to the slums of Mumbai, India. Interviewing and recording the range of humanity from Prime ministers to paupers, Peter encountered humanity in all its varied forms. Many of his own prejudices and beliefs were challenged and reshaped, and an irreversible process had begun. A persistent inner calling urged Peter out of mainstream news and to immigrate to Canada, pursuing projects of a more evolutionary and spiritual nature.

Many synchronous events led to the meeting and partnership with Nicole Whitney, radio host and creator of NEWS FOR THE SOUL. Soon thereafter Life Changing TV was born.

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L C T V ' s .. M I S S I O N .. S T A T E M E N T

To explore the edge of knowledge, documenting the evolution of human consciousness through high quality video programming.
To bring forward fresh cutting-edge information as unfiltered as we can deliver it. Our intention behind every project is relay the true story with our reporting style combining metaphysical awareness and an open, honest sense of enquiry.
To demonstrate a working model for 'conscious journalism' to other media and the rest of the world.
To capture amazing footage with some of the top luminaries of our time " as they really are " -- and bring forth their story behind the story and the true essence...
To create an empowering voice through alternative media.
To Uplift and empower the global community through awareness-raising programs that challenge our current view of 'the real world'.
To have an amazing pile of fun exploring new realms.
To deliver evidence of promise, possibility, peace and positive outcomes to the planet.
To demonstrate that sustainability, spirituality and purpose can truly co-exist.
To do our part toward making the world a better place, one frame at a time!

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